If you love muscle cars like I love muscle cars, you’re going to be absolutely over the moon with all of the killer content we have in store for you.

Ever since I was just a little boy I’ve been captivated by American muscle, the kind of cars that make the road shake, rattle, and roll as they come streaming down Main Street. I’m a firm believer in the fact that there “is no replacement for displacement”, and think that a big block isn’t quite as big as it probably could – or maybe even should – really be!

We are going to cover my top 6 muscle cars. We’ll talk about their history, touch on a few interesting facts and then get down to business, the real reason you landed on this site – where to buy a classic American muscle car.

I know I’m excited to share absolutely everything I know about American muscle on this page, and hope that you are excited to be a big part of this as well.


After all, if it wasn’t for folks like you (people that are absolutely in love with American muscle), the world would be a much more boring place to live in.

So kick back, relax, and get lost in the next few pages of this site. I’ll be regularly updating the content as often as humanly possible, and hope to share with you some insider information about American muscle that you may not have known otherwise.

Get in touch with us regularly if there are things you’d like to hear about, tips or tutorials you like to have broken down, or have a hot lead on something interesting about the classic or current American muscle community. If you’re in the market for a muscle car, we recommend trying Cars For Sale.

Let’s get going – first up, the Ford Mustang.